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Raising stats is key when raising Chao.
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Stats for a Chao consist of seven different abilities: Swim, Fly, Run, Power, Stamina, Luck and Intelligence. Each stat can be leveled up through giving Animals, Chaos Drives, or fruits to a Chao. A Chao's stats affect their performance in Chao Races and Chao Karate, and can change how the Chao moves around the garden. Each stat has four main components to it: the grade which describes how quickly the Chao improves its abilities, the level of the stat, the bar which describes leveling progress, and the points in the stat which describe the ability of the Chao.

Stat Types


The swim stat determines how well a Chao can swim, if at all. Swim is represented by the colour yellow; yellow Chaos Drives and yellow group animals increase this stat, along with Lemons (or Kumquats in the E3 version) in Chao Adventure. Chao will learn how to swim, in both the garden and in races, when they reach 100 points. Prior to this, they will flail in the water and be upset. In non-DC releases, at 667 points a Chao will improve its swim style to include arm motions, and much faster leg motions. Swim is also used as the Defence stat in Chao Karate, lowering the damage a Chao takes from an opponent's attacks.


The fly stat determines how well a Chao can fly. Flying is used in races when jumping off of great heights, and a higher flying stat increase flight speed and distance traveled. Flying is generally fast, but only lasts for short portions of a race, and a very high fly stat even allows for skipping certain swimming sections of races. Fly is represented by the colour purple; purple Chaos Drives and purple group animals increase this stat, along with Plums in Chao Adventure. Chao may fly randomly in the garden if they reach 200 points, in non-DC games. Fly is also used as the Stealth stat in Chao Karate, increasing the chance a Chao will dodge an opponent's attacks.


The run stat determines how quickly a Chao walks or runs, if at all. Run is an immensely important stat in all races, even those not focused on running, as almost all races have portions where Chao run across land. Run is represented by the colour green; green Chaos Drives and green group animals increase this stat, along with Grapes in Chao Adventure. Chao with a low run stat will crawl, with the exception of an Evolved Chao in Sonic Adventure 1, which will not crawl regardless of their Run Stat. In Sonic Adventure 1, Chao will learn to walk with at least 30 Run. When Run reaches 350 or more, your Chao will start Running instead of walking, and with at least 500 points, it will start dashing. In Sonic Adventure 2, Chao start walking at 15 Run, starts running at 200 Run, and dashes at 400 Run. In the GameCube remakes, Chao will learn to walk at 50 Run, Run at 667 Run, and Dash at 1334 Run.


The power stat determines how strong a Chao is. Strength is used in races to climb up walls, and to shake fruit loose from trees. Power is represented by the colour red; red Chaos Drives and red group animals increase this stat, along with Cherries in Chao Adventure. Power is also used in Chao Karate, increasing a Chao's attack power. More power will lower an opponent's health more, and knock the foe further back. In Chao Karate, a Chao will change its attacks from simple punches or kicks to spinning kicks and wind-up punches when it reaches 400 points.


The stamina stat determines the physical durability of a Chao- the size of a Chao's energy bar when racing. The energy bar decreases over the course of a race, and cheering for a Chao provides an additional speed boost, at the cost of more energy. When the energy bar runs out, a Chao's speed will drop immensely, making Stamina a very important stat for all Races. Stamina, unlike the other visible stats, is not increased by animals or drives. Instead, stamina is increased by feeding a Chao fruits. The Mushroom and Strong Fruit increases stamina more quickly than garden fruits. Stamina is also used as the Health stat in Chao Karate, increasing the Chao's Health.


Luck is a hidden stat, and as such it has many rumors associated with it. In the DC version of SA2, when a Chao opens a Jack-in-the-Box as a part of the Race exists, luck decreases the chance a head will pop out of the box, stunning and upsetting the Chao. Additionally, when a Chao must pick a lane to run down in the final stretch during the Diamond and Onyx race courses. Luck also decreases the chance of a trap activating, which causes the Chao to fall into a hole near the end of a race and have to climb out. In the SA2B and SA2HD versions of the game, Luck has absolutely no effect in races. Furthermore, in all versions of SA2, a higher luck stat does not decrease the chance of a Chao tripping while running in races; this is a common misconception.

In Karate Luck has a variety of small effects such as poses and zeal recovery. It determines if a Chao is standing, sitting, or has its fists up at the start of a match. Karate poses depend on two things: the Chao's Run and their Luck stat, once the Chao has reached 150 Run points, Luck begins to determine the next pose.

Requirement Karate Pose
0-149 Run Crawl
150+ Run, 0-299 Luck Sitting
150+ Run, 300-499 Luck Standing
150+ Run, 500+ Luck Fight Pose

Luck helps a Chao recover its Zeal more quickly when it has run out, the benefits here cap at 500 Luck with 3 hearts recovery each time you cheer on your Chao. In addition, higher luck causes a Chao to lose less Zeal if it misses an attack.

In modern games, Luck is increased by all animals (+20) and Chaos Drives, with Drives increasing the stat twice as much as animals do (+40). It takes 5 animals or 2-3 Drives to increase a Chao's luck by one level. Some fruits in the modern games also increase Luck, however the only obtainable item with this feature is the Mushroom, which gives +12 Luck per bite and +14 on the last bite. Unused food items which increase Luck include is the X2 Mushroom (+25 luck per bite), Mint Candy (+10 per bite), and Grapes (also +10 per bite)


Intelligence is a hidden stat, and such it has many rumors associated with it. It is used in Chao Races on two occasions, allowing Chao to solve puzzles more quickly. The first puzzle is when the Chao must open up a Jack-in-the-Box puzzle, while the second is when Chao must find the proper shaped fruit. Intelligence helps puzzle solving speed and accuracy in the shape game. In Chao Karate, Intelligence decreases how quickly Zeal drops when the Chao is idle.

In modern games Intelligence is increased by all animals and Chaos Drives, with Drives increasing the stat the same amount as animals do (+20 each). It requires 5 Drives and/or animals to increase Intelligence by one level. The unused Smart fruit in the modern games also raises Intelligence, allocating +12 Intelligence per bite, and +14 on the last bite.


In GC releases, for Swim, Fly, Power, Run and Stamina, each stat is graded with an E, D, C, B, A or S rank. E rank being the lowest and S being the highest. These values each correspond to a number, E=0, D=1, C=2, B=3, A=4, and S=5, which are used to determine how many points that stat will increase by when leveled up. The formula for stat increases is:

Points = (Grade x 3) + 13 ± 2

There is some variability, a 5 point window, to how much a stat will be raised, per level. There is no preference for +2,+1,+0,-1, or -2 in the above formula: all are equally likely. As a result, a very unlucky set of level ups from a D rank Chao could result in lower stats than a very lucky set of level ups for an E rank Chao.

In the Tiny Chao Garden, level ups have a similar formula, but instead of ±2 in the calculation there can be a +3 in the calculation. This means that leveling up Chao in the Tiny Chao Garden gives a higher stat total on average compared to leveling up in the console Gardens.

The window of point increases for a level up are shown, along with the minimum and maximum values for a stat with a given grade, provided the Chao starts at level 0 with 0 points.

Grade Point Increase Per Level Stats at Level 99 Point Increase Per Level (TCG) Stats at Level 99 (TCG)
E 11-15 1089-1485 11-16 1089-1584
D 14-18 1386-1782 14-19 1386-1881
C 17-21 1683-2079 17-22 1683-2178
B 20-24 1980-2376 20-25 1980-2475
A 23-27 2277-2673 23-28 2277-2772
S 26-30 2574-2970 26-31 2574-3069

Luck and Intelligence grades, on the other hand, have a ranking system that ranges from 0 to 255, and these stats cap at 4000 points. The formula for stat increase per level up is identical to the formula used for the other stats, which means a Chao with a 0 ranking in Intelligence could get anywhere between 11 and 15 points per level up, while a very high rank like 255 could see an increase anywhere between a whopping 776 to 780 points for every level. This means Chao with high Luck/Intelligence rankings can reach 4000 points long before their Luck/Intelligence reaches level 99, however the stat will not exceed 4000.

Improving Stat Rankings

A Chao's ranking in Swim, Fly, Run, Power and Stamina can be improved, by one grade, each time the Chao evolves. When a Chao evolves into a Swim Chao, whether Hero, Neutral, or Dark, its Swim grade will increase by one letter. If the Chao already has an S rank the stat will see no grade increase. Normal evolutions and Chaos Chao evolutions will increase the Stamina grade. Through repeated reincarnation it is possible, given a sufficient number of lives, to get any Chao to reach S ranks in all stats.

Luck and Intelligence can not have their grades improved.

Grade Distributions

When purchasing Chao from the Black Market it seems that the distribution of grades follows a standard bell curve, centered around C grade. C is the most common grade for a stat, B and D are roughly as common as each other and less common than C, and A and E are less common than those. Getting an S rank from a Market purchased Chao is possible but extremely rare.

Levels and Level Bar

All stats begin at level 0 with 0 points, or if the Chao was born directly in the Tiny Chao Garden it will start at level 1 with 0 points. The maximum level Chao can reach is level 99 in any stat. Each stat has a progress bar, ranging from 0% to 99%, describing how close a Chao is to its next level up. For the five displayed stats, the level progress bar is shown as 10 small squares, which are filled based on the level progress rounded to the nearest 10%. When the bar is filled too 100%, the Chao will level up, the bar will empty, and it will increase its stat points based on its Grade. The level bar is increased through giving the Chao animals, Chaos Drives, and fruits. It can also be decreased through certain animals and certain fruits from the TCG. Although level progress may be decreased, a Chao will never lose a level; any negative level progress will stop at 0%.


The point limit for Chao in the Dreamcast games is 999. In later releases, while there isn't an explicit limit on points, 3375 is the highest obtainable amount without hacking, and this value is unrealistic to obtain through normal gameplay.

Maximum Points

To create a Chao with the maximum stats, or even to determine the non-hacking maximums for a Chao's stats, several of the above aspects of stats must be combined. An S grade in the stat(s) to max will be required, as will a lot of luck. A Chao with an S rank in a stat on the console games can get a 26, 27, 28, 29, or 30 point increase, while in the TCG that same Chao can get +31 to a stat. The maximum possible value for a stat would need 31 point increases, and therefore need to be done on the TCG. However, since Chao born in the TCG starts at level 1, rather than level 0, being born on console is also needed.

Since a Chao can level up from 0 to 99, if every level is a 31 point increase the Chao will be reincarnating with (31*99) 3069 points in the stat. This Chao will then reincarnate to level 1 with 306 in the stat, and over the course of the second life the Chao can level up 98 times, to reach ([31*98]+306) 3344 points. This Chao can reincarnate for its third life with 334 points, gain another 98 levels of 31 points each for ([31*98]+334) 3372 points. Then it can reincarnate once again for its fourth life with 337 points, and level up to have 3375 points. This is the limit on a stat. Any further reincarnations will put the newly reincarnated Chao back to 337 points, the same amount with which it had begun its previous life. The game will always round decimal values down, so the Chao will never have more than 337 points in a stat at re-birth.

Without using the TCG for level ups, the natural stat cap is 3266.

Obtaining a Chao with 3266 in any stat, much less all stats, is extremely difficult, and would require many resets to get the necessary perfect level ups. Obtaining an all S-rank Chao requires many generations of breeding, to get the grades to properly align. And to have a Chao experience 99 level ups each getting 30 point increases (a 1/5 chance) is a 1/(5*99) chance, or a 1/495 chance. Getting all 5 stats the perfect 99 levels, and doing this over four lives requires astronomical luck, or more likely a massive number of resets.

Intelligence and Luck cap at 4000 points, and can be reached in just 6 levels for a Chao with a maximum, 255, grade.

Chao can have stats exceeding the 3375 natural cap through hacking. This can lead to strange behavior in races, such as going out of bounds or being incapable of finishing the race. Abnormally high Power (greater than 4300) can lead to Chao never being able to shake the fruit off the tree, while exceptionally high Fly (beyond ~8000-9000) may lead to the Chao never reaching the ground.

When hacking, the maximum potential a Chao can reach is 21845, and any multiples of this value give the same result (65535 or 43690). If you increase this value to 21846, the Chao behaves as if it has 0 points in that stat.


Main article: Reincarnation

When a Chao reincarnates, it will retain some of the stats from its previous life. When hatched, the reborn Chao will start at level 1 for all stats, not level 0 like a fresh Chao, and it will have 10% of its old stats, rounded down. A Chao with 1000 points in Swim will reincarnate to a Chao with 100 points in Swim at birth, and a Chao with 1009 points in Swim will also reincarnate to one with 100 points in Swim at birth.

There is a cap of 500 for every stat upon reincarnating, despite a Chao never being able to have more than 3375 points, let alone being allowed to level up past 4000, thus cannot have more than 337 and 400 upon rebirth, respectively.


Main article: Genetics

When two Chao breed, the baby will have its grades chosen from among its parents' genes. Using this method of breeding for grades, it is possible to breed out poor grades, and combine multiple good grades to get a desired Chao. Chao have two alleles, representing E through S grades, for each stat. The grades displayed on the Medical Chart, the same ones being used for level up calculations are the alleles that make up the phenotype, while the Chao's genetic profile contain another complete set of hidden grade alleles. Only the displayed allele is increased through evolutions, while the hidden allele remains constant for a Chao. For pure homozygous Chao, obtained from the Black Market, the displayed and hidden allele are identical, until the Chao evolves and increases one of its displayed alleles. The default Chao generated at the start of the game, including the Chao eggs found after unlocking the Hero and Dark Gardens, have heterozygous stat grade alleles. This means the visible and hidden alleles could have grades vastly different from each other.

Much like the other stats, all Chao have two alleles in their Luck grade and two alleles in their Intelligence grade, ranging from 0 to 255. These grades can also be passed down to the offspring, and not unlike the other stats, one allele is chosen to take effect or be 'visible' while the other remains hidden.

When breeding two Chao, the baby will randomly take one allele from either parent, but it could take the hidden or displayed allele from each. For example, two Chao breed, the Swim grade for one parent is S, but its hidden allele for Swim is D. The other parent has a displayed Swim grade of C, and a hidden allele A. The baby Chao could have any grade, S, A, C, or D for its displayed Swim grade. Its hidden allele could be either grade from the parent who did not transfer the displayed grade; if the baby had an S rank in Swim, its hidden allele could be C or A.

Dreamcast Stats

In Sonic Adventure, Chao do not have a Stamina stat, instead having a Health stat representing the Chao's life. The stat caps at 99, and when it reaches 0 the Chao will die. Attacks by the player will decrease this stat, as will attacks by other Chao in Chao Adventure. Health is replenished by feeding fruit: Coconuts will increase max HP by 1 point. In Chao Adventure, the Lemon, Plum, Grape, and Cherry will restore 2 HP, while the Chaonut and Lifenut will refill all HP. Also in Sonic Adventure, there are no Luck or Intelligence stats.

In both DC games a Chao's stat maximum is 999 points, and the values of a Chao's stats can not be checked in the main games. Instead, the Chao must have its status checked in a VMU in Chao Adventure or Chao Adventure 2. In SA2, without receiving any drives or animals, a Chao's stats will slowly increase to 20. When a Chao reincarnates it will return to having 0's in all of its stats. All Chao will increase their stats at equal rates.

There are no grades in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 for DC. Individual Chao will raise their stats at an equal rate. In Sonic Adventure, although Chao do not have stat grades, their is a genetic component to breeding done through the VMU. Chao bred through the garden will be like any other new born Chao, 0's in all stats, but those bred through the VMU will have part of the parents' stats transferred over. The child Chao will be born with roughly 10% of the stats of the parents averaged together, for Swim, Fly, Run, and Power. For HP, the child will have around 50% of the parents' HP.

In DC games Luck is raised in the Chao Adventure 2 treasure chest minigame by picking the correct chest. It is increased in increments of 100. Intelligence is raised by eating Smart Fruits obtained in Chao Adventure 2.