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Health Centre
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How are you feeling?
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Health Center
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Health Center
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The Health Center is a location in the Chao Kindergarten used to give information on your Chao's health. In Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, he also gives information on their stats.

See the doctor

The Chao doctor giving a Cough drop to chao.

By bringing your chao to the doctor, you can have the doctor check it's health. Usually, your chao is fine, so the doctor will say: "Your chao is very healthy. Please take good care of your chao."


There are various illnesses your Chao can have randomly, but these are fairly rare, with many players never seeing them in regular gameplay. The chao will perform an action in the garden indicative of their ailment. By bringing them to the doctor and having them checked, the doctor will give them medicine and they will recover instantly. The effects of illness on Chao's happiness and lifespan is unknown.

Illness Action Medicine Chao Doctor description
Coughing You're coughing a lot. I will give you some cough drops.
Cold Looks like you have a cold. I will give you some medicine.
Rash Looks like you have a rash. Don't itch it!
Runny nose You have a running nose. Don't forget brush when you go home.
Hiccups Looks like you have the hiccups. I will give you a remedy for that.
Stomach ache Looks like you have a stomach ache. I will give you stomach medicine.

Medical Chart

The medical chart can be viewed at the doctor to see various aspects of Chao, and is useful when breeding for Chao with good stats.


Main article: Stats

The stats tab shows the player an overview of the Chao they brought, and tells the player what grades the chao's stats are. This is useful as the player does not have to analyse the amount of points Chao's stats go up by on level ups to see what stats it has. It also indicates the Chao's attributes which is it's Alignment, and type it obtains from it's evolution.


Main article: Personality

The first part of this tab details Chao's personality. The personality types are Gentle, Naughty, Energetic, Quiet, Big eater, Chatty, Easily bored, Curious, Carefree, Careless, Smart, Cry baby, Lonely, Naive, and No personality. A Chao's personality gives a general indicator of its behavior in the Gardens, such as a Big Eater chao will eat fruit more energetically than other chao.

The favourite fruit of the Chao is also listed here.

The Age is how old Chao is, whereas Times Transformed is indicative of how many times Chao has reincarnated. At roughly the Age of 1, Chao goes through first evolution, whereas the Chao reincarnates at around Age 3-5.

You can also see the current diagnosis of chao.


The records show the current medals the Chao has won in races. It also shows the amounts of wins and losses in Chao Karate; the Kyu is determined by how far in each level of the karate tournaments the Chao has reached.