Major Appearances

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Major Appearances
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Chao in Sonic Shuffle.

This page is for major appearances of Chao outside of the mainline Sonic titles, such as in spinoff Sonic games or other series' games.

These are for appearances that warrant their own page. For other appearances, see Minor Appearances.


Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Chao are found throughout the game and grant bonuses to allies.

Sonic Shuffle

Main article: Sonic Shuffle

Chao appear as a playable character in Sonic Shuffle, a party game for the Dreamcast.

Phantasy Star series

The Phantasy Star series has many references to chao, such as an enemy called a Jaggo which is visually based on Chao and the Chao Striker weapon.

Phantasy Star Online is also the only way to obtain a Tails Chao in Sonic Adventure 2.

Sega Superstars

A Chao Garden is featured within the title Sega Superstars. It is a basic garden which allows the player to interact with Chao using the Playstation 2's Eyetoy peripheral, such as by petting chao.

Team Sonic Racing

Main article: Team Sonic Racing

Chao are a playable racer in Team Sonic Racing, as a Technique-Type character.

Sonic Speed Simulator

Main article: Sonic Speed Simulator

Chao appear in Sonic Speed Simulator.