Old Chao Websites

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Old Chao Websites
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Chao Island History

Old Chao Websites will be listed here as we remember them.

Dreamcast Era (1999-2003)

Tikal's Chao Garden

Possibly the earliest well known Chao website, predating even Chao Island. Tikal's Chao Garden is a fan-made Chao website that contains some basic information about raising Chao, featuring guides for Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast and various pieces of fanart. The website is still online, but not updated since January 2003.

Chao World

Chao HQ

Chao Online

Chao Fields

Chao Universe

Chao Universal

Chao Center

The Chao Garden

Gamecube Era (2003-2011)


Leschaos.net was a French fanmade Chao website.In November 2003, it was down for maintanance with the following image:

It has since gone down permanently.

Cornelius Rexx

Affiliated site

Chao Network

Owned by Edash

Chao Network (2)

Another Chao website under the name Chao Network. Not much is know from this website, with below being the only screenshot available, found in the Wayback Machine. It appeared to have many chao resources available.

Steam Era (2011-Current)

Pawsome Chao Breeding

Pawsome Chao Breeding is a wikia site that details various Chao 'recipes' that have information about raising chao into specific types, as well as cheats and tips. There is also a short list of rumours which have been disproven available on the website. However, much information on the website appears to be false or unproven, and should be read with care.