Principal's Room

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Principal's Room
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Learn tips to raise your Chao from Professor Chao.
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Principal's Room
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The Principal's Room is a location in the Chao Kindergarten. It acts as a tutorial for those who are brand new to raising Chao.

The principal is a regular Chao with a moustache and glasses. A line of text he says includes “Actually, I’m the Chao doctor.” This is a mistranslation, and is meant to say "Professor Chao"; the Chao Professor and the Chao Doctor are two different Chao.

The Gamecube version of the Principals roo had rearranged the room from the Dreamcast version, likely so that the Chao Statue would be more visible.



The basics of raising Chao and Chao Races are included here.

The principal's room in SA2B and SA2HD.
The principal's room in SA2 for the Dreamcast.
  • Chao garden.1 - There are three Chao gardens. Chao grow up differently in each garden. One Chao garden is accessible now. Special requirements needed to get the other two Chao gardens. Have you seen all three yet?
  • Chao garden.2 - Time only passes in the garden when you are in there. Therefore, leisurely raise your Chao in each garden even if there are more gardens to take care of.
  • Taking care of Chao.1 - Chao love to be held and pet. Don't punch or attack Chao. They will hate you.
  • Taking care of Chao.2 - Remember, just petting your Chao isn't enough. Pet your Chao when its good. If you spoil them, Chao will become rotten and naughty. Spoiled Chao are still cute, though.
  • Chao mating. - When flowers bloom around a Chao, it's said to be in its mating season. When they mate, they may lay eggs.
  • Tree fruits.1 - Chao love to eat tree fruits. There are different fruits. Try them and see which fruits are best.
  • Tree fruits.2 - Chao gain stamina when they eat tree fruits. Your chances to win races increase with stamina.
  • Tree and seeds.1 - There are 2 types of trees in the garden. The first is full-grown and will never die. The second grows from seeds that your Chao finds in Chao Adventure 2. This type will grow and eventually die.
  • Tree and seeds.2 - Trees you seed won't last forever, so remember to collect seeds when you take Chao on an adventure using your memory card.
  • Tree and seeds.3 - How to plant a seed? That's a secret.
  • Tree and seeds.4 - Plant up to 6 trees in the garden. You can not plant seeds after 6 trees are planted.
  • Small animals. - Your Chao change depending on the small animals and Chaos drives you give them. Each animal and Chaos drive will effect Chao differently. Try them all.
  • Toys. - Toys are prizes from the Chao races. Chao love toys. Raise your Chao to win a grand prize in Chao race.
  • Chao Adventure 2. - Insert your memory card and take Chao on an adventure. Various adventures will influence your Chao. They may get smarter, or even become luckier. When you finish your adventure, you may get a tree seed.
  • How to raise Chao. - Your Chao change depending on how you care for it or by the fruits you feed them. Chao also change depending on the small animals and Chaos drives you give them. Try different combinations.
  • Chao race.1 - Tips on how to win the Chao race. How they do in the races all depend on their skills, stamina and support.
  • Chao race.2 - To develop Chao skills, give them small animals and Chaos drives It's important to build experience when you take them on an adventure.
  • Chao race.3 - For stamina, you need to feed them a lot of tree fruits.
  • Chao race.4 - To cheer for your Chao, use the L/R triggers. If you push your Chao too hard, Chao's stamina will decrease. Keep an eye on the stamina gauge and remember to pace your Chao.


The tips given in the Gamecube version add to those included with the Dreamcast version, including details on newer features such as the Tiny Chao Garden and Chao Karate.

  • What's Chao? - Chao are small, cute and mysterious creatures who live in the Chao garden. Everyone loves Chao. If you go to the Chao garden, you can raise your own Chao.
  • Getting to Chao Garden - To get to the Chao garden, you need the 'Chao Key'. This key is hidden in each action stage. Try finding it!
  • Raising Chao - I will tell you how to raise Chao. The eggs in the garden are Chao eggs. They will hatch by themselves but you can also help it hatch by holding it. Your Chao's personality will change depending on how the egg is hatched. Try different ways to raise your Chao!
  • Chao Food - Chao love to eat tree fruits. Chao grow healthy by eating tree fruits.
  • Getting Tree fruits - You can find the fruits in trees in the garden. Press B Button to grab a tree and use the Control Stick to shake it. The tree fruits will fall to the ground.
  • Small Animals & Chaos Drives - Have you seen the small animals? Small animals are hidden in the action stages. Give the animals to Chao and watch them change or learn special abilities! Besides small animals, there are Chaos Drives in the action stages. Give them to your Chao and they will change. Depending on what kind of animals or color of Chaos Drives you give them, they will change.Try all kinds of combinations! The small animals may be hiding in many places, so try your best finding them all!
  • Chao Garden - There are three different Chao gardens. Chao will grow up differently in each garden. At first, only one garden is open. To get to the other two gardens, there are some special requirements. Have you seen all three gardens?
  • Caring for Chao 1 - Chao love to be held or petted.
  • Caring for Chao 2 - Only pet your Chao when it's good and don't spoil your Chao or it may turn out to be naughty. Sometimes spoiled rotten Chao are still cute, though.
  • Mating - You will be able to tell it's mating season when you see flowers blooming around your Chao. Mate them and they may lay eggs.
  • Tree fruits 1 - Chao love to eat tree fruits. There are different fruits. Try them and see which fruits are best.
  • Tree fruits 2 - Chao gain stamina when they eat tree fruits. Your Chao's chances of winning Chao races and karate increase when they have more stamina.
  • Trees and Seeds 1 - There are two different type of trees in the Chao garden. One grows in the garden and never dies. Other types of trees grow from the seeds that you can buy in the Black Market. These trees grow and later die.
  • Trees and Seeds 2 - How to plant the seeds? Well, that's a secret!
  • Trees and Seeds 3 - You can plant up to 7 trees in each garden. You will not be able to plant any seeds after 7 trees are growing in the garden.
  • Garden Time - Mysteriously, time passes only when you are in the garden. Therefore, you can raise your Chao at your own pace in each garden even if you have more than one garden to take care of.
  • Skills - Your Chao can learn many skills which can be checked. Remember the higher your Chao's skill rating is, the greater your chances are of winning Chao Races or Karate.
  • Increase Skill - Your Chao's level increases when you give them small animals and Chaos drives. When Chao levels-up, its skill increases. Each Chao's skill increase is different even when given the same animals and Chaos drives. The reason is that the skill increase of each Chao is based on their ability. You can check your Chao's ability by reading its medical chart at the Health Center.
  • Ability - Each Chao has its own potential for ability. Ability has 6 rankings S, A, B, C, D, and E. Rank S is the highest. The higher the ability ranking, the greater the increase in skill. Each Chao is born with its own ability ranking, but there are also other ways to increase it. Have fun experimenting with your Chao.
  • Toys - Toys are the prizes you get for winning Chao Races or Chao Karate tournaments. Chao love toys, so raise your Chao to win a grand prize!
  • Chao Transporter - Have you seen that machine in the garden? Well, that's the Chao transporter.
  • Using the Chao Transporter - This machine allows you to take your Chao to other Chao gardens in a different Memory Card, or drop off your Chao into the Game Boy Advance 'Tiny Chao Garden'. Isn't that cool?
  • Tiny Chao Garden 1 - In order to go to the Tiny Chao Garden, you need the NINTENDO GAMECUBE Game Boy Advance Cable to connect the Game Boy Advance to the Nintendo GameCube.
  • Tiny Chao Garden 2 - Insert Game Boy Advance Cable into Controller Socket 2, 3 or 4 and turn the power on. If you have software other than Sonic Advance in the Game Boy Advance, you can not drop off your Chao to the Tiny Chao Garden. If you Sonic Advance in Game Boy Advance, select Tiny Chao Garden from the menu to drop off your Chao.
  • Tiny Chao Garden 3 - When you are ready, just hold your Chao and stand on the red button on the Chao transporter and then select 'Drop off' from the menu and then select the Game Boy Advance to take your Chao with you. The Chao copy will be transported to the Tiny Chao Garden.
  • Chao Copy - A Chao copy goes to the Tiny Chao Garden as your Chao remains in the Chao garden. It may look like there are two of the same Chao but after coming back from the Chao Tiny Garden your Chao will have leveled up! However, if you have Sonic Advance, you can take your Chao with you instead of its copy when you go to the Tiny Chao Garden. More about this in the 'About Sonic Advance' section.
  • Power - Tiny Chao Garden will disappear if you turn your Game Boy Advance off. So don't turn the power off, but use the sleep mode when you take it with you. Please remember that when you use Sleep Mode, the batteries will still lose some power. There is also a special way to deal with the power. More about this in the 'About Sonic Advance' section.
  • Power Off - If you accidently turn off the power, your Chao will remain in the Chao garden. But your Chao copy will disappear along with the ability that your Chao copy leaned while it was in the Tiny Chao Garden. Keep this in mind.
  • Tiny Chao Garden - The appearance of your Chao in the Chao Tiny Garden is different compared to being in the Chao garden in the Nintendo GameCube. You Chao will look like a child Chao. But don't worry. As soon as your Chao returns to the Chao garden it will return to being a normal Chao.
  • About Sonic Advance 1 - Here is a tip to help you not to worry about the power when you go to the Tiny Chao Garden. Sonic Advance for the Game Boy Advance has a built-in Tiny Chao Garden. So if you have Sonic Advance, you can save your Chao while in the Tiny Chao Garden. Your Chao won't disappear even if the power is turned off.
  • About Sonic Advance 2 - Something to keep in mind when you have Sonic Advance and go to the Tiny Chao Garden. When you go to the Tiny Chao Garden, select 'Tiny Chao Garden' on the Sonic Advance title screen. Then use the Chao transporter. Otherwise your Chao won't be able to go to the Tiny Chao Garden in Sonic Advance. It's simple so keep this in mind.
  • The secret of Sonic Advance - There is a rumor that there are some eggs you can get only in the Tiny Chao Garden. It's kind of exciting, isn't it?
  • Saying Good-bye - When you use the Chao transporter, you will notice 'Good-bye' in the menu. Select this if you have too many Chao to take care of. You may have to say good-bye to some of your Chao. Once you say good-bye to you Chao, he will voyage to a faraway forest and live happily. But it can be very sad to let some of your Chao go. Try to keep all of your Chao as long as possible.
  • Black Market - Have you been to the Black market? The Black market is a secret store that sells rare items and Chao eggs. The Black market is somewhere in this kindergarten. You may want to visit after collecting enough rings because you chances of getting rarer items will increase. Also try collecting a lot of emblems.
  • Fortune-Telling house - At the fortune-telling house, Your Chao may receive a new name. You won't get your fortune told here, but it's fun to get a lucky name for your Chao.
  • Getting to Chao Stadium - Did you notice that cave by the waterfall in the Chao garden? This cave is the entrance to the Chao stadium. Chao Races and Karate tournaments are held in the Chao Stadium. If your Chao wins a race or tournament it will earn a prize or medal.
  • Chao Race - Here are some tips to win the Chao race. To win you will need good skills, plenty of stamina and your support. Remember to give your Chao a lot of animals and the Chaos drives to increase their skills. For stamina, you need to feed them a lot of tree fruits. To cheer for your Chao, press A Button. If you cheer on your Chao too much, your Chao's stamina will decrease. Remember to check the stamina gauge and try pacing yourself. Select 'Party Race' to start a race with up to 4 players. Everyone can bring their favorite Chao to compete in the race.
  • Chao Karate - Chao Karate is a battle for Chao masters. It's a one-on-one battle that we call Chao Karate. Rules of Chao Karate are simple. If your Chao starts crying or falls out of the ring, your Chao loses. Chao will cry when its stamina decreases. Check your stamina gauge during the battle. Your Chao will be in a bad mood if his opponent attacks him. When the mood gauge drops, your Chao will get discouraged and will begin playing around.