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A newborn shiny white chao.
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Shiny Chao are a special breed of Chao available from the Black Market that first appeared in the Gamecube Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and all versions thereafter. These breeds of Chao have a sparkly overcoat, making the Chao appear slightly paler in colour compared to their non-Shiny counterparts.

With enough emblems, a Shiny version of each of the Mono-tone colour eggs will readily become available at a much higher cost; this is usually 10 times the price. For example, a monotone white Chao egg costs 400 rings, whereas shiny white Chao egg costs 4000.

Genetically, the Shiny gene is dominant over non-Shiny. For example, when breeding a Shiny White and a non-Shiny Black Chao (both obtained from the Black Market), the offspring will always be either Shiny White or Shiny Black. This breeding method can be used to obtain certain Shiny Mono-tone Chao (such as Shiny Black), which would be considerably more difficult to find and purchase from the Black Market. Shiny Chao can be either Mono-tone or Two-tone, but when a Shiny Chao is mixed with a texture such as a Jewel Chao, this can lead to odd results such as invisible or transparent Chao, collectively known as Shiny Jewel Chao.

Version differences

In the HD re-releases in Sonic Adventure 2 for Playstation, PC and Xbox systems, all Shiny Two-tones will appear extremely bright. These Chao are known as Bright Chao.

The Chao Rangers race features Jewel Chao in the DC version of Sonic Adventure 2, whereas in the subsequent versions they are Shiny Chao.