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Stats (SA1DC)
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Raising stats is key when raising Chao.
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A Chao's stats affect their performance in Chao Races.

A Chao's stat maximum is 9999 points for all except HP, and the values of a Chao's stats can not be checked in the main games. Instead, the Chao must have its status checked in a VMU in Chao Adventure (It is displayed as 999 on the VMU as the furthest right digit is cut off). When a Chao reincarnates it will return to having 0's in all of its stats. All Chao will increase their stats at equal rates.


Stat Types

Swim, Fly, Run and Power are all raised by giving Small Animals to Chao. There are no luck or intelligence stats in Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast, and weren't introduced until Sonic Adventure 2.






The stat caps at 99, and when it reaches 0 the Chao will die. Attacks by the player will decrease this stat, as will attacks by other Chao in Chao Adventure. Health is replenished by feeding fruit: Coconuts will increase max HP by 1 point. In Chao Adventure, the Lemon, Plum, Grape, and Cherry will restore 2 HP, while the Chaonut and Lifenut will refill all HP.


There are no grades in Sonic Adventure for DC. Individual Chao will raise their stats at an equal rate. In Sonic Adventure, although Chao do not have stat grades, there is a genetic component to breeding done through the VMU. Chao bred through the garden will be like any other new born Chao, 0's in all stats, but those bred through the VMU will have part of the parents' stats transferred over. The child Chao will be born with roughly 10% of the stats of the parents averaged together, for Swim, Fly, Run, and Power. For HP, the child will have around 50% of the parents' HP.