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Breeding Notes (SA2B):

- For the DNA sets, DNA1 is from the mother's, who is the one sitting in the ring of flowers.

- Either alleles from the parents has the same chance of passing down to their offspring.

- A Chao CANNOT inherit a parent's physical trait, nor does it influence the chances of an allele being dominant or recessive.

- Ability Rank alleles will favor the highest Rank as dominant ~75% of the time. - Furthermore, when a Chao evolves, the allele that matches the Chao's physical Ability Rank will also Rank up. If both DNA alleles are somehow desynced from physical Ability Rank, DNA won't change. - The DNA corresponding to Lifespan will always choose the highest value as dominant.

- The Color Blend (Two-Tone) allele appears to be equally dominant and recessive. - The Shiny allele is always dominant, meaning it can't be present at all if a Chao is to not be Shiny. - The Normal Color allele is always recessive, meaning it will always inherit a color other than Normal if given the chance. - The Normal Texture allele is always recessive, meaning it will always inherit a Jewel (or Texture) if given the chance. - The Eggshell colors don't pass down, meaning all bred Chao will always use a Normal Eggshell, making non-Normal Eggshells more valuable.

- All personality DNA is equally inherited.

UltimaNumber (talk) 01:34, 30 October 2020 (UTC)