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A Textured Chao
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Texture is an attribute associated with a Chao which influences their appearance, for example, a Jewel Chao would have the Ruby Texture applied to them, making their appearance reflective and metallic. Textures have gene dominance over non-textured Chao in terms of appearance and breed.

List of Textures

The following table contains a list of Textured Chao which are not obtainable without hacking or modding the games.

Texure Name Image of Chao Description of texture
Unavailable: Pearl Pearl coloured texture, with pinks and blues
Unavailable: Metal 1 Reflective metal coating on Chao
Unavailable: Metal 2 Shiny metal coating on Chao
Unavailable: Glass Shiny texture without any colouring over it.
Unavailable: Moon Triangular pattern with blues and whites
Texture 1 Shiny overlay
Texture 2 Amy Chao, Head/Arms
Texture 3 Amy Chao, Body
Texture 4 Neutral eye
Texture 5 Teeth edge
Texture 6 Teeth middle
Texture 7 Baby Chao wings
Texture 8 Dark Chao eye
Texture 9 Dark Chaos Chao feet/horns
Texture 10 Dark Chaos Chao arms/back spikes
Texture 11 Dark Chaos Chao chest crescent
Texture 12 Dark Chaos Chao eyes
Texture 13 Dark Fly face/body markings
Texture 14 Dark Fly hands/feet/tail markings
Texture 15 Dark Fly wings
Texture 16 Dark Normal hands/feet/tail/head spike
Texture 17 Dark/Normal chest crescent
Texture 18 Dark Normal wings
Texture 19 Dark Power chest/feet
Texture 20 Dark Power hands/tail/head spike
Texture 21 Dark Power wings
Texture 22 Dark Run chest crescent/feet
Texture 23 Dark Run spikes/arms/ears markings
Texture 24 Dark Run wings
Texture 25 Dark Swim face/body markings
Texture 26 Dark Swim hands/feet/tail/head spikes markings
Texture 27 Dark Swim wings
Texture 28 Egg
Texture 29 Egg Chao eyes
Texture 30 Hero eyes
Texture 31 Hero Chao arms/ears
Texture 32 Hero Chaos Chao chest/under head
Texture 33 Hero Chaos Chao feet/back
Texture 34 Knuckles chao chest crescent
Texture 35 Knuckles chao feet
Texture 36 Apple
Texture 37 Apple/Stump hat leaf
Texture 38 Stump
Texture 39 Hat eyes
Texture 40 Bucket
Texture 41 Bucket (Unused, intended to be reflections on the bucket.)
Texture 42 Empty can
Texture 43 Empty can lid
Texture 44 Cardboard box
Texture 45 Cardboard box top
Texture 46 Flower pot
Texture 47 Flower pot rim
Texture 48 Paper bag
Texture 49 Pan
Texture 50 Stump top
Texture 51 Watermelon
Texture 52 Watermelon mouth
Texture 53 Red beanie
Texture 54 Red beanie eyes
Texture 55 Red beanie pom-pom
Texture 56 Blue beanie
Texture 57 Blue beanie eyes
Texture 58 Blue beanie pom-pom
Texture 59 Grey beanie
Texture 60 Grey beanie eyes
Texture 61 Grey beanie pom-pom
Texture 62 Pacifier
Texture 63 Neutral Chaos Chao back of head
Texture 64 Neutral Chaos Chao back of head
Texture 65 Neutral Chaos Chao hands/"ears"
Texture 66 Neutral Chaos Chao belly/feet/back
Texture 67 Neutral Chaos Chao tip of head spike
Texture 68 Neutral Chaos Chao eyes
Texture 69 Neutral misc details (used on multiple types)
Texture 70 Neutral misc details (used on multiple types)
Texture 71 Neutral misc details (used on multiple types) Ex: N/N belly, N/F back
Texture 72 Neutral Fly wings
Texture 73 Neutral Fly tail
Texture 74 Neutral Fly horns/arms
Texture 75 Neutral Normal wings
Texture 76 Neutral Power belly/tail tip
Texture 77 Neutral Power tail/back
Texture 78 Neutral Power spikes/ears/feet
Texture 79 Neutral Power arms
Texture 80 Neutral Run markings
Texture 81 Neutral Run belly
Texture 82 Neutral Run hands/ears
Texture 83 Neutral Run feet
Texture 84 Neutral Run wings
Texture 85 Neutral Swim belly
Texture 86 Neutral Swim nose
Texture 87 Neutral Swim forehead markings
Texture 88 Neutral Swim hands
Texture 89 Omochao feet
Texture 90 Omochao arms
Texture 91 Omochao
Texture 92 Omochao wind-up key
Texture 93 Omochao mouth
Texture 94 Omochao eyes
Texture 95 Pumpkin
Texture 96 Pumpkin eyes
Texture 97 Pumpkin mouth
Texture 98 Skull eyes
Texture 99 Skull
Texture 100 Skull teeth
Texture 101 Tails Chao face
Texture 102 Tails Chao details
Texture 103 Cocoon
Texture 104 Unused texture that would have been used for the Hero Chaos Chao halo
Texture 105 Race, Omochao sign pole/back
Texture 106 Race Omochao X sign, Arrows in match game
Texture 107 Race, Omochao flags
Texture 108 Race, Omochao gun
Texture 109 Race, Omochao arrow sign