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Tikal is a female echidna that existed over 3000 or 4000 years ago. She is the daughter of Chief Pachacamac, the leader of the Knuckles Clan.

Tikals Prayer

The servers are the 7 Chaos. Chaos is power... Power enriched by the heart. The controller is the one that unifies the Chaos. 

This is an ancient prayer or mantra that was passed down the generations of the Knuckles Clan and famously recited by Tikal in Sonic Adventure. It was taught to Tikal by her grandmother. There are a few variations of the prayer but the above quote is the one directly recited by Tikal when addressing the player.

When Tikal entered the emerald shrine, Tikal realises that "the controller" is the Master Emerald, and ponders if the "seven chaos" is referring to the seven emeralds.

Restraining Chaos

When Tikal enters the burning shrine after the destruction caused by Chaos and the Echidna tribes, she realises the meaning of the prayer and recites a slightly different variation of it - albeit with the same function:

 The 7 Emeralds are the servers. Chaos is power, enriched by the heart. The controller serves to unify the chaos.

She concludes that "the seven emeralds transforms a persons will into power" and the Master Emerald keeps that power in check. She pleads to the Master Emeralds to stop the water spirit's rampage and it seals it and Tikal along with it, into the Master Emerald.

Japanese text


The direction translation is:

 What must be done. The seven chaos.
 Chaos is power. Power comes from the heart.
 The master of that is the one who controls chaos.

The localisation causes a problem in Sonic Adventure, as Tikal erroneously mentions "Chaos Emeralds" in Tails' flashback in English.[1] The whole reason for Tikals confusion is her trying to figure out what connection "7 chaos" has to the emeralds - because she doesn't know the emeralds are the Chaos Emeralds at first. Only after the Echidnas witnessing the chaotic, destructive nature of the emeralds do they finally realise that they are the Chaos Emeralds and refer to them by that name from there onwards. This also gives birth to naming the beast, Chaos, too.

Sonic Channel

Tikal has her own page on Sonic Channel, which is written in Japanese.[2] Full text:

 パチャカマの侵攻によりカオスが暴走した際、自らを封印としマスターエメラルドにカオスを封じることとなる。『ソニックアドベンチャー』で、様々な状況でソニックらを導く紅い光球こそ、彼女の魂が現代に現れた姿で ある。復活したカオスに悲劇を繰り返させないために。


 Daughter of an ancient patriarch of the Knuckles tribe. A gentle soul, who did not discriminate against anyone she met; her sole intention was to communicate with her friend Chaos, who was feared for its strangeness. She was always critical of and opposed to her father Pachacamac's intentions to conquer other countries.
 When Chaos went berserk because of Pachacamac's invasion, Tikal sealed herself in the Master Emerald with Chaos. During "Sonic Adventure", a sphere of crimson light guided Sonic through various situations, her spirit appears in this shape nowadays. For the sake of not repeating the tragedy when Chaos was revived.


Tikal Maya Ruins
Tikal Maya Ruins in Central America.

Much of Sonic Adventure is inspire by Sonic Team's travels through the Mayan civilisation of Central America. The name "Tikal" was inspired from the ancient Mayan ruins, as well as much of the architecture found in Sonic Adventure.



Tikals theme from SA1.

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